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About us

Adlouni & Partners is a group of bilingual legal consultants and Attorneys with 25 years of extensive legal experience in Kuwait, GCC and the Middle East. Committed to providing our clients with profound advisory and consultancy legal services, Adlouni & Partners law firm sincerely aims at delivering accurate and timely corporate and sovereign legal solutions with effective commercial Arbitration and Mediation services with the utmost confidentiality..

Letter from the FOunder

Dear Valued Clients,

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce Adlouni & Partners law firm to you in a very brief and sincere manner. Distinguishably, we have the high level of professionalism as attorney – client privilege. We have created a reputation that allows us to provide the most proficient legal advisory and consultancy services for our client’s desire. In this case we treat each client as the only one.

We have an honorable history of developing highly influential legal and commercial solutions through a combination of highly qualified careful and insightful lawyers, accurate and resourceful legal research team and disciplined and devoted clients which all translate into one goal which is the successful achievement of the objective.

Lina A. Adlouni


  • Qualified Lawyer (Supreme & Constitutional Courts) at Kuwait Bar Association Qualified Receivership since 2006.
  • Arbitrator member with:
      • The Judicial Arbitration Department – Ministry of Justice.
      • The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre
      • The Kuwait Commercial Arbitration Centre – Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Arbitrator member and Mediator)
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Our Mission

We seek to contribute with the principles of integrity and commitment to quality in assisting our respective clients through certified legal advisors and consultants who deliver the best solutions in an accurate and timely manner with the utmost attorney-client privilege.


Our Vision

To become a leading local and Internationally affiliated law firm specialized in commercial, financial and investment legal advisory and consultancy services with outstanding legal expertise to create prosperous long-term partnerships and relationships that yield successful resolutions for our clients and society as a whole.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are entirely focused on our journey towards achieving long-term partnerships and relationships with our clients through legal excellence and high ethical standards.

Our Services

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Business Consultancy Services: Through delivering legal corporate advisory and legal studies.

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Represent as attorney client before courts of all degrees.

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Local and International ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolutions: Judicial, Institutional and Ad-hoc Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation.